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Brief Introduction
Brief Introduction of Yunjincheng
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Pingyao International Financier Club
  Pingyao International Financier Club is a integrated private enterprise with former investment of 40,000,000 including accommodation, entertainment, scenery and commercial shops. The main management items include financial policy consultation, financial information communication, financial conference plan, tour reception, F&B, accommodation, entertainment, exploitation and tenancy of travel scenery, manufacture, wholesale and retail of artworks and so on.
  The customer group is presumed upon the domestic and oversea financial customers and honored guests in all circles. The characteristics can be summed as follows: it has more than 300 years’ history, it is a famous historical courtyard of great scale and high quality , it is elegant and silent in the courtyard while prosperous and noisy out of it, what’s more, it is luxurious and elegant especially in the strong cultural atmosphere.
  Yunjincheng which belongs to the club is located in the famous Ming and Qing street in Pingyao. It is combined by eighteen elegant and unique courtyards with over 80 decorated and equipped luxurious suites and standard apartments.Since management in 1998, Yunjincheng has got high reputation for the elegant environment and excellent service.
  In order to create more comfortable environment for honored guests, our club not only enlarged and fit up the guestroom, restaurant and the great hall, but also organized professional staff to investigate and find out about a hundred private dishes of tens of rich and powerful merchants’ families. After that, we are honored to present ceremoniously eight kinds of luxurious series meal and six secondary dinners. Therefore, our restaurant is suitable for people of different criterion, quantity and flavor.
  Nowadays we are welcoming honored guests from all circles with the typical architectural style and excellent service.
  The stuff in Pingyao International Financier Club welcome all to accommodate in Yunjincheng hotel to experience life of rich and powerful family in Ming and Qing dynasty and enjoy Yunjincheng home dinner to have a taste at all the flavor of life.
  Welcome every one here to “accommodate in money exchange shop site to recognize Shanxi culture in Ming and Qing Dynasty, Chat up daily life to enjoy cate and wine of Shanxi”.
  We will satisfy every need of yours and give you the highest treatment and most fragrant heart.
  Pingyao International Financier Club awaits you respectively at every moment.

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Street Scenery
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Courtyard Scenery
Courtyard Scenery
Courtyard Scenery
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