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Money Exchange Shops of Shanxi and Guest Room
  The guest room looks outstanding and unique with capacious, bright and luxurious suite, traditional rosewood furniture of Ming and Qing style and expensive vase and antique.The tone is elegant and soft while the furnishings are of primitive simplicity and dignity.The rooms have complete equipment, such as modern 42 inched TV,community antenna, IDD and DDD, Brand Band for Internet,which made you feel convenient and satisfactory.

  Room 102

The site of Qianshengheng was in the west street in the city of Pingyao. Qianshengheng was reorganized by a person with family name of Ji from the Qianshengheng Cloth Shop during 1862 to 1864. The owner of it was Ji Yihe and manager was Wu Kaiwai from Pingyao.
The headquarter was set up in Pingyao and its branches reached 26 in its prosperous stage. During the years of end of Tongzhi and beginning of Guangxu, the commercial capital of Ji developed to its highest stage of power and splendor during the environment of worldwide business of money exchange shops.
  After Ji Yihe’s death in 1900, Qianshengheng had got recessionary management till out of business in 1904.
Room 103
  Weichanghou was set up in 1864 with the former of a cloth shop. Its initiators were Mao Lvtai, Mr. Qiao from Pingyao, Hou Chongji from Jiexiu, Mr. Chang from Hunyuan and Mr. Wang from Datong. The initial capital was 250,000 taels of silver.  The influential managers included Fan Jishan and Fan Guangjin from Pingyao.
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