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Money Exchange Shops of
Shanxi and Guest Room
Room 108
  Rixinzhong was set up in Pingyao between 1838 and 1842 and its capital came from Rishengchang In 1861 it went bankrupt after 20 years’ management. It set up branches one after another in Beijing, Zhangjiakou, Guihua, Sanyuan, Jinan, Zhoucun, Yingkou, Zhoukou, Nanjing, Suzhou, Zhenjiang, Wuhu, Tunxi and Hankou.
  Although with a short management, the branches of Rixinzhong, especially Beijing branch, were quite prosperous for the large business of deposit, loan and remittance.

Room 116 Xianghezhen
  Xianghezhen was set up in 1873 and got out of business in 1881. The headquarter was in Pingyao and it had branches in Hankou etc.
There were no definite record of its owner, manager and initial capital. It was said it had some relation to the owner of Yunfenghou but we can’t find exact history data. But the recordation of a book mentioned Xianghezhen was a member of Shanxi Exchange Public Station too.
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