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  In order to carry culture of Yellow River and Shanxi Commerce forward and fill market of culture of Pingyao up, our company set up an art regiment about 60 artists. These artists are mostly aged between seventeen and twenty-three and come from art academy of China. They got high accomplishment after strict training.They bring new energy with their exquisite performance for Pingyao.The fitment on the grand showplace will complete in no time.On the occasion culture of Yellow River and Shanxi Commerce will be broadcast farther and wider in this architecture of Ming and Qing style. The unique stage and top-ranking lamplight and sound will bring great enjoyment for audiences.
  Amorous feelings and evolvement of Shanxi commerce are performed in the stage. At the same time, waiters in ancient fashion hand tea and snack for guests. So guests would view the wonderful performance with palace snack, refreshments and fruit of all kinds.
  The blueprint of “the street of snacks embodied culture of Shanxi commerce” along the street of art center is in process of implementation.

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