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Sketch of Courtyard  
  The former of Yunjincheng was combined with Rishengda Money Exchange Shop, Yuantaichang Cloth Shop and Yunjincheng noshery, which were respectively invested by Li Zhenshi and Qiao Family.The courtyard looks luxurious and elegant with unsophisticated ancient houses, exquisite windows, skilled colored drawing and paint and splendiferous classified furniture.

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       Old-lined “Yunjincheng”

  A city with three thousand years’ history can be called an ancient city and a courtyard with three hundred years’ can be called an old-line one. Historical Yunjincheng is combined by eighteen elegant and unique courtyards.
  Every courtyard is full of folk propitious and auspicious atmosphere, which reflects people’s longing for nice life.The former of the first west courtyard of Yunjincheng was Yuantaichang Cloth Shop invested by Qiao Family.
  Because of drought in 1877 in Shanxi, the number of victims of the calamity increased and many shops went bankrupt. While Qiao Family managed cloth and gradually enlarged its business to tobacco and hockshop, at last its branches expanded into over ten commercial cities in this country.
  After more than thirty years’ hard work, Qiao Huaijin and Qiao Huaijie set up Yuantaichang cloth shop in 1907, which became the outstanding and unique one.  The luxurious guest room is from the old house of the rich and powerful family in Ming and Qing Dynasty.In the grand hall hangs the plaque with “Worldwide Business”.It is elegant and silent in the courtyard while prosperous and noisy out of it.The exquisite windows and skilled colored drawing vividly put the auspicious and philosophic culture up.

  We can see many carvings made of wood, stone and brick here, which implicated rich and colorful cultural connotation. And the splendiferous classified furniture gives us a picture of luxury and grandness.
  The coordinate two courtyards were both of tens of meters long combined by four yards. There is a wood carving at the top of the door in the middle yard. All the houses are equipped with double layers of door and window. A screen door was especially equipped apart from the main doors.The screen door will be open only to welcome the important visitors. In the mentioned wood carving there are “origin of happiness”, “prosperity and peace” and “lucky accumulation”, which means longing for peace, good luck and happiness
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